About us

The main scope of activity of the ZUE Capital Group is, acting as the main contractor, the designing and delivery of comprehensive tram line and railway construction and modernisation systems, together with the accompanying infrastructure consisting of, among others, earth works, railway beds, drainage systems, as well as engineering and building objects, including stations.

ZUE Capital Group also provides complete services in terms of construction and modernisation of powering systems of the entire tram line infrastructure, as well as the construction and modernisation of the tram and train catenary network. The scope of business of the ZUE Group also includes the provision of services for the current maintenance of city infrastructure systems (tracks, catenary, powering systems, lighting).

In addition to the above, the ZUE Capital Group delivers designing and construction services of complete electric networks at medium and low voltage level, especially on tram line and railway powering objects, as well as designing and building high voltage power lines.

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