List of selected completed projects by ZUE Group

(As standalone projects in the scope of designing)

  • Modernization of railway line Warszawa - Lodz  Stage I   –   section Skierniewice - Lódź Widzew;
  • Modernization of E30 Railway Line Section Opole – Wroclaw – Legnica – the State border;
  • Modernization of E30 Railway Line Section Opole – Wroclaw – Legnica – the State border;
  • Preliminary design of railway line no 273 – section Wroclaw Glowny – Szczecin, within the project FS 2006/PL/16/C/PA/001Modernization of railway line C-E 59 Miedzylesie – Wroclaw – Kostrzyn – Szczecin  preliminary design – Phase I in Poland;
  • Work supervision of the modernisation of the E-20 railway line Minsk Mazowiecki –Siedlce section.(Consortium Arcadis, BPK Poznan, Ardanuy in co-operation with Koltech Inwestor);
  • Design documentation of reconstruction of Tram Depot in Gdansk Wita Stwosza street 110;
  • Modernization of Poznan Railway Node;
  • Building and detailed designs of the railway viaduct for the A-2 highway ( WK-5 structure ) located over the A-2 highway Swiecko – Warszawa at km 163 .500 in the course of the railway line Wroclaw –Poznan at km 159.083 and Staroleka –Lubon line at km 2.847 in Lubon by Poznan;
  • Building design for the reconstruction of St. Roch Bridge on the River Warta;
  • Building and detailed design for the modernisation of Tram Depot in Poznan, Glogowska Street;
  • Modernisation aims at preparing the service station for low floor trams. The works included rebuilding according to technical instructions;
  • Designing documentation for Strzałki railway station as part of modernisation of the Central Railway Line (no 4);
  • Designing documentation for Fast Municipal Railway Line in the scope of catenary (overhead) line 3kV for the 250 railway line Gdańsk Główny – Rumia, section Sopot – Gdynia Grabówek;
  • Preparing of tender documentation for modernisation of the 91 railway line, section Łańcut-Przeworsk, stage 1 section Rzeszów-Jarosław.

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