Modernisation of the E 20 railway

Modernisation of the E 20 railway line within the Siedlce - Terespol section, Stage I, LOT A Siedlce - Łuków, 95.100 km to 118.450 km

Investor: PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. 

Project description:

  • repair of railway surface, bed and drainage,
  • reconstruction of platforms and repair of engineering works,
  • modernisation or elimination of certain crossings and construction of parallel diversion roads,
  • replacement of existing railway traffic control devices,
  • replacement of catenary network and supporting structures,
  • reconstruction of the line for non-catenary purposes,
  • repair of railway buildings.

Period of delivery: 5th May 2006 - 27th December 2007

Project net value: EUR 49 767 962.00

Modernisation of the E 20 railway

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