Modernisation of the E-30 railway

Modernisation of the E-30 railway line within the Węgliniec – Bielawa Dolna section (Diploma of Honour in the Construction of the Year 2007 competition)

Investor: PKP PLK S.A.

Project description:

  • Track works: dismantling of tracks, dismantling of partings and crossings, track and switch assembly with 60E1 rails on pre-stressed concrete PS94 sleepers, installation of UIC60 partings, modernisation of road crossings, delivery of the track bed with unsorted rubble reinforced with geofibre
  • Drainage works: open ditches reinforced with concrete gutters, soil drainage
  • Engineering works: construction and modernisation of passages (viaducts), elimination of passages (viaducts), protection of slopes against landslides, reinforcements with openwork panels, resistance walls made of gabions
  • Catenary grid: delivery of the overhead catenary grid

Period of delivery: 10th May 2005 - 14th December 2007

Project gross value: PLN 78 734 771.35

Modernisation of the E-30 railway

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